Duralabel and Toro are registered trademarks of Graphic Products, a value-added reseller (VAR). Graphic Products will not let distributors offer their Duralabel Toro products at a savings, so we've sourced identical supplies for less. You get the same exact quality at a fraction of the price.
The terms "Toro Tape", "Toro Ribbon", and all similar terms, denote 100% compatibility with the Duralabel Toro printer, and do not refer to a brand name.


Duralabel Toro™ Compatible Ribbon

DuraLabel Toro

Compatibility Tested

All of the styles of ribbons we sell for the Duralabel Toro are tested in a Toro to ensure 100% compatibility with the Duralabel Toro printer.

Looking for the best labeling sytem?

If you're researching printers, make sure to check out the SafetyPro Labeling System. SafetyPro beats the DuraLabel in speed and quality. If you already own a DuraLabel, DuraLabel Toro, or DuraLabel 9000 printer, we can supply you with quality, durable vinyl at a significant savings. Now you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your supply orders! Ask about special DuraLabel trade-in deals, available on all models of the DuraLabel label printer.

What About Brady MiniMark, Brady GlobalMark or Brady PowerMark Printers?

Brady label printers are very common, and so are the complaints against them. If you're tired of your Brady label printer and the high cost of supplies, we would be happy to replace your Brady label printer with our generous trade-in program. We can get you out of that expensive Brady GlobalMark and into a durable, indutrial SafetyPro labeling system.